You are cordially invited to our last get together for the calendar year, the Tongues of the Land Christmas Challenge Ho Ho Ho-Gaine.

The event will be no more than 4 hours. Maps out at 12:00, start from 14:00 and finish no later than 18:30 hrs. We will be organising teams on the day of inexperienced with experienced navigators so that it enhances and refines current skills and knowledge.

The event will be held at the Litchfield Education Centre, Litchfield National Park. There are showers and toilets, with a swimming hole, and on the course there are a few places to cool down if you want to jump in to a secluded rock hole.

If you have been involved with a Northern Territory Rogaine Event this year as a volunteer or as a competitor, there is no cost for entry, however you will need to pay for Camping ($ 3.30 per adult and $7.70 per family) and all you have to do is bring a plate of salad, desert or nibbles to share and a gift if participating in the secret Santa. If you haven’t competed this year but are keen to have a crack, then it will cost you $10.00 for entry.

Please see attached entry form which is for each person competing. We require this information to combine teams. This is an ideal opportunity for people of all ages, including families, to gain more knowledge and experience in navigating using map and compass.

There will also be a prize for best dressed tent and other surprises along the way. So get organised, set the date aside as a must do and get your entry in.

Download this file (Entry Form_edited-2.pdf)Entry Form_edited-2.pdf[Entry form]1557 kB
Download this file (how-it-works.pdf)how-it-works.pdf[Event info]325 kB