7 Hour Bush Rogaine with a 3 Hour Roving option

When: Saturday, 15th July, 2017

Where: Coomalie

Time: 14:30 to 21-30 Stoner 3 Hour is a roving event.

Arouse your curiosity, inspire some friends by exploring the ridges , gullies and open land that is etched through significant events of years gone by. Don’t have a team?.... we will find you one!

3 Hour Rover

This event enables you to be on the course for not more than a period of three hours. This event is also perfect for families as it will get you back before dark. But then at the other end of the scale, you may be a sprinter and an elite athlete who can push hard for the whole 3 hours or spend time challenging yourself with night navigation. 


7 Hour Stoner

With this event, you can again decide how your team would like to compete. Stay out for a few hours, head back to the Hash House for a feed and rest and head out for the remaining hours of the event or maybe your team are fleet footed diehards who will just keep going.


Entry Adult pp $45.00 (includes Free Dinner & Free Camping). Entries Close ends midnight 12 July 2017. If you intend to stay the night we will need to know and whether you would like to participate in our $5 Breakfast option.
Please note that after the 30th July Early Bird entry forms will not be accepted

Download this file (DC Early Bird Entry Form 3-7hr.xls)DC Early Bird Entry Form 3-7hr.xls[Entry Form - 7hr and 3hr]104 kB
Download this file (DC FLYER.jpg)DC FLYER.jpg[Flyer]712 kB