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This event is proudly supported by Darwin City Council as part of the campaign for Share the Roads and Paths. The campaign aims to promote awareness to the community about appropriate behaviors amongst all users involving the paths and roads that we all share as motorists, cyclists and as walkers or runners. The event is also being supported by DORC , who are a group of dedicated people passionate about their sport and also advocate proper path and road etiquettes by all user groups. So what a better way to do this than to have a Metrogaine that encompasses all categories’ of users as we Ride or stride around the lovely municipality of Darwin and the green Suburban environments that we call home.

3 hour Minigaine

This event is aimed at those who haven’t done Metrogaines before and want to give it a go to see what it’s all about. Assistance will be available on the day, should you need some help, prior to the event. This event is also perfect for families as it will get you back before dark and have a feed from the BBQ early in the evening. The course for a three hour situation is pram friendly and if your child is 7 or under they may ride a push bike/trike as long as the accompanying parent is on foot.

5 hour Cyclogaine

With this event, again there are your personal team options. You can choose to take in the sights and do the cycle paths or you can really go hard and try and clean up with your team.

6 hour Rogaine

With this event, you can again decide how your team would like to compete. Stay out for a few hours, head back to the Hash House for a feed and rest and head out for the remaining hours of the event or maybe your team are foot diehards who will keep proceeding, progressing and performing.

Don’t have a team? We will find you one!

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